Addressees of the training

The training course is intended for programmers having basic knowledge of JavaScript who wish to get acquainted with state-of-the-art technologies and improve their competencies related to development of advanced web applications operating on the browser side.

Objective of the training

The aim of the training is to get the participants acquainted with good programming practices in JavaScript, and with practical issues related to development of web applications in the “Single-page application” while using Angular framework.

Persons completing the training will know how to:

  • construct legible and efficient applications in JavaScript and TypeScript using current language capacities,
  • use elements of functional and reactive programming to solve typical problems
  • correctly and effectively configure the environment to work with advanced front-end projects,
  • apply quality control mechanisms for JavaScript application code,
  • develop component-based application.

This knowledge will allow the participants to individually develop advanced web applications.

Strengths of the training

The feature of the training is the range of the material presented with simultaneous focus on the practical aspect. The main focus is on techniques and tools that work in actual projects, bringing the utmost increase in work efficiency.

The workshop part of the training allows achieving the level of skills that makes it possible to individually use the knowledge acquired during the training immediately after course completion.


Participants must have at least basic ability of programming in JavaScript.

Training parameters

*40 hours (5*7 hours net) of lectures and workshops (with clear majority of workshops).

Program szkolenia

  1. JavaScript – advanced issues
    • Introduction to unit testing
    • Functional programming
    • Reactive programming with RxJS
    • ECMAScript 2015 and later
      • Tools for transpilation
      • Basic structures
      • ractical application
    • NPM
      • Library installation and updates
      • NPM scripts, npx and other applications of npm cli
    • TypeScript
      • Introduction to TypeScript
      • Migration to TypeScript
      • Type definitions for external libraries
      • Linting TypeScript
  2. Angular basics
    • Angular architecture
      • Framework components
      • Dependency injection in Angular
    • Application starting
    • Working with Angular CLI
      • Workspace configuration in angular.json
      • Schematics concept
    • Angular modules
      • Role of a module
      • Visibility of components, directives, pipes, and services
      • Featured / shared modules
      • Lazy loading modules
    • Components
      • Simple components
      • Embedded components
      • Parameter communication to component
      • Communication methods between components
      • Component lifecycle
      • Content projection
    • View layer
      • Elements of template syntax
      • Particular data linkage types
      • Structural directives
    • Forms
      • Structure of template-driven forms
      • Form field statuses
      • Validation support
      • Own validation rules
      • Reactive forms
    • Communication with REST API
      • Introduction to angular/common/http module
      • Methods and additional configuration of inquiries
    • Services
      • Data organisation in the application
      • Use of RxJS
    • Pipes
      • Data filtering using Pipe
      • Parameter communication to Pipe
      • Pure / stateful Pipes
      • Application of async pipe
    • Routing
      • Concept of routing in SPA applications
      • Component Router basics
      • Routing strategies
      • Parameter communication in URL
      • Embedded routing
      • Resolving data
      • Route guards
      • Routing lifecycle and its practical application
    • Unit tests of application components
    • Configuration and optimisation of production build
  3. Status management in complex applications
    • Introduction to Redux
    • Working with Redux Devtools
    • Redux implementation in NGRX
  4. What next? Angular ecosystem
    • Angular-based libraries and UI frameworks
    • Building mobile applications with Angular
    • How to effectively update your knowledge?


* Wymagane.

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