Course intended for:

The training is intended for certified testers having the ISTQB Certified Tester certificate at least at the Foundation Level. ISTQB Agile Tester is an extension of the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level and, as it is indicated by the training title, this proposal is focused on discussion of testing in the agile methods environment. The offer is addressed to persons, who do not know Agile, and to those, who have some experience and would like to systematize their knowledge in order to undergo the certification exam.

Course objective:

The main training objective is to prepare the users for the Agile Tester certification exam and to discuss the knowledge on the Certified Tester Foundation Level Extension Syllabus Agile Tester. The trainer will also discuss the change in the testing paradigm in the agile methods environment, such as Scrum and XP, and the role of the tester in agile teams.

Course strengths:

Lectures, discussing the syllabus theory, are complemented with examples, based on the trainer’s experience, discussion of work cases of the trainees and the tailored knowledge-consolidating exercises. The trainer is the author of the book „Scrum i nie tylko" („Scrum and beyond”) published by PWN, which was written on the basis of more than 4 years of experience in training of teams in Agile Testing, more than 9 years of experience in testing and more than 8 years of experience in the world of agile methods. The extensive knowledge of the trainer has been confirmed by many certificates, including ISTQB CTAL TM, ISTQB Certified Agile Tester, Certified Scrum Professional, Professional Scrum Master I, Certified Scrum Master, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner.


The participants should be ISTQB Certified Testers at least at the Foundation Level. Since the exam is available only in English, the participants must be able to communicate in this language at the level sufficient to read and understand the syllabus.

Course parameters:

2 days of 6 net training hours each + breaks. The maximum group size is 16 participants. The training is conducted in English.

Program szkolenia

  • Start of the training

    • Presentation of the trainer and the group

    • Discussing of the objectives and agenda of the training

    • Discussing of ISTQB CFTL Agile Tester Addon

  • Agile Software Development (150 minutes)

    • Basics of Agile Software Development

      • Agile Software Development and Agile Manifesto

      • Whole Team Approach
        Early and Frequent Feedback

    • Agile Approach Issues

      • Approaches to Agile Software Development

      • Developing the User Story together

      • Retrospectives

      • Continuous Integration

      • Planning of Issue and Iteration

  • Basic Principles, Practices and Processes of Testing in Agile (105 minutes)

    • Differences between testing in traditional approach and agile

      • Testing and development activities

      • Project Work Products

      • Test Levels

      • Test Management and Configuration Tools

      • Organization Options for Independent Testing

    • Testing Status in Agile Projects Status

      • Communicating of Test Status, Progress and Quality of Product

      • Management of Regression Risk at Changing Manual and Automatic Test Cases

    • Tester Role and Skills in the Agile Team

      • Agile Tester Skills

      • Tester Role in the Agile Team

  • Agile testing methods, techniques and tools (480 minutes)

    • Agile testing methods

      • Test-Driven Development, Acceptance Test-Driven Development and Behavior-Driven Development

      • Test Pyramid

      • Test QUadrants, Test Levels and Test Types

      • Tester Role

    • Product Quality Risk Specification and Test Workload Estimation

      • Specification of Product Quality Risk for Agile Projects

      • Testing Workload Estimation on the basis of Scope and Risk

    • Techniques in Agile Projects

      • The Acceptance Conditions, Appropriate Coverage and Other Testing Information

      • Application of the Acceptance Test-Driven Development

      • Designing of Functional and Non-Functional Black Box Tests

      • Exploration Tests and Testing in Agile

    • Tools in Agile Projects

      • Task Management and Tracking Tools

      • Communication and Broadcasting Tools

      • Software Building and Distribution Tools

      • Configuration Management Tools

      • Test Design, Implementation and Performance Tools

      • Cloud Computing and Virtualization Tools

Summary of the training and retrospective


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