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Current (Released Dec/13)

This four-day course teaches students how to use the HP Operations Orchestration (OO) software, including advanced topics. The OO software is integral to HP Cloud Automation Solutions.

Working with OO 10.0 includes using OO Central, which is the OO runtime engine, to locate, run, monitor, and perform important administrative tasks. This course also includes how to use OO Studio to author and deploy automated workflows using the source control management (SCM) system, which is a useful tool for groups of flow authors to work collaboratively on projects. Authoring flows with OO is also covered, including many advanced flow development techniques that prepare you for working on a variety of OO deployments. This course also describes how to integrate HP tools with the OO software and enhance operations with scriptlets. You will also be shown how to use web services to interoperate with any provider that exposes a Web Services Description Language (WSDL), such as HP's enterprise software portfolio, Amazon, Google, stock data, weather services, and so on. In addition, this course shows how to configure emails for flows, use file system integration, and install, configure, and update the OO software.

The course consists of OO120 Essentials and OO350 Intermediate and Advanced, comprised of focused, task-oriented lectures, guides, and a series of detailed hands-on labs to teach the course material to the student. The hands-on labs use version 10.0 of the software.

Software Version: 10.0

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