This course will introduce concepts needed to participate meaningfully in the management of people through transitional and transformational organizational changes, achieving adoption, facilitating the move from the current state to the future state with individuals assuring internalization of the change. The concepts introduced are best practices for Stakeholder Management, Leadership, Communication and Engagement, Competency Management and a suggested MOC Process approach discussed in four phases: Analyze Design, Implement and Manage.


This course is intended for the IT professionals that are involved in the execution of transitional and/or transformational organizational change: project managers, process architects, ITSM consultants, HR managers.


  • Hold the ITIL® Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management (or other appropriate earlier ITIL® and bridge qualifications).
  • At least 3 years of practical experience in managing people and IT processes.

Course objectives

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Show the need for Managing Organizational Change.
  • Explain the psychology of change and its effect in the workplace.
  • Understand the necessity of effective sponsorship and leadership.
  • Describe the essential elements of effective Stakeholder Management.
  • Explore the success factors of MOC and know how to leverage on them.
  • Understand the barriers to MOC and know how to mitigate or handle them.
  • Introduce the necessary stages of a MOC methodology and supporting tools/templates.

Benefits to you

Most strategic initiatives fail when we do not carefully consider the dynamics introduced by the change required. This is true of all ITIL deployments and other major changes that organizations today must deal with. This course will therefore:

  • Provide a useful framework for managing the organization from
  • current state through a painful transition to a desired future state.
  • Provide information to build the business case for MOC


Course length: 3 days

Delivery language: English

Program szkolenia

Day 1

  • Welcome and House keeping
  • Introduction to Managing Organizational Change
  • Why Managing Organizational Change / Benefits
  • Challenges of Organizational Change
  • Stakeholder Management Part One
  • Sponsorship and Leadership
  • Practical Tips

Day 2

  • Stakeholder Management Part Two
  • Managing Organizational Change – an Holistic Overview
  • Managing Organizational Change Part One: Analysis
  • Managing Organizational Change Part Two: Design

Day 3

  • Stakeholder Management Part Three
  • Managing Organizational Change Part Three: Implement
  • Managing Organizational Change Part Four: Manage


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